Jenelle Evans Blames MTV for Turning Her into the Resident Bad Girl

If you've seen the promo for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, you know it's going to be another drama-filled one. But costar Jenelle Evans is unhappy with how MTV portrayed her in the preview, and she's not staying quiet about it. The 24-year-old vented her frustration this week that the network has once again depicted her as the resident bad girl on the series.


Jenelle has definitely had her history of ups and downs (mostly downs, before the last couple of years), but she's apparently sick of not being able to escape her reputation.

On Monday, the frustrated reality star told Radar Online, "I'm really angry about the f**king trailer that was aired," referring to the clips where she and her boyfriend David Eason can be seen fighting with her mom Barbara Evans.

Babs even calls David the "worst boyfriend" Jenelle's ever had, which means she's obviously forgotten about every boyfriend Jenelle has ever had up until this point, including Jace's dad, who hasn't exactly been in the picture since his son was born.

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Anyway, the mom of two (she also has 20-month-old Kaiser with ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith) is not happy with how the network that made her famous is continuing to portray her in a negative light. "They make David look bad and myself!" she lamented.

She's also upset at the way they keep playing up her arrest last year for assaulting Nate's girlfriend Jessica Henry, when she threw a glass of water at her after he violated Jenelle's wishes about bringing his new lady to her house. "They're forever showing my mugshot," she snapped.

Jenelle apparently talked to MTV about her frustration, telling Radar, "I cussed them out sobbing in tears last night ... I had at 5:45 a.m. flight in the morning to LA to see a doctor about my health." Talk about your bad timing!

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She even lamented the fact that Teen Mom darling Chelsea Houska was once again put in an extremely positive light. "As always Chelsea is the golden child as usual," she quipped.

We totally feel for Jenelle, but we get why MTV would play up the bad-girl angle. Hopefully she'll be able to keep herself out of trouble this season, and we'll be able to see a complete turnaround from her shady past.


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