Amber Portwood Defends Matt Baier's Harsh Criticism of Kailyn Lowry

Wow, Matt Baier has some Twitter history! It recently came out that he hit on Farrah Abraham years ago, and now it looks like Amber Portwood's fiancé had some pretty nasty things to say about Kailyn Lowry back in the day too.


Portwood took to social media this week to apologize on behalf of her not-so-better half, and we're kind of wondering why he didn't do it himself. The Teen Mom OG star tweeted to both OK magazine (the site with the story) and her costar, writing, "...that was before we met you guys and he stopped that ignorance. We love Kail and she knows it..thats all that matters."

In all fairness, the tweets were sent in 2014, before Matt got to meet the lovely Lowry, but they were really disparaging. Baier apparently tweeted a slew of derogatory comments about Isaac and Lincoln's mama, even including, "Kailyn's face breaks my TV."

Why would someone say something like that? That's just mean! Thankfully, Kailyn is a gem among women, and has been handling it with more class than most would in the same position. She simply responded, "It is what it is," and let it go. She also said that she "loves" her friend, and by that we assume she's referring to Amber, not Matt.

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It's not the first time Amber has stood by her man and his controversies. One of the major plotlines on this season of Teen Mom OG has been the number of kids he supposedly has. Amber's ex Gary Shirley confronted the couple mid-season about several alleged open child custody cases against Baier, despite his only publicly claiming two. 

One thing is for sure -- Matt has definitely scored out of his league by getting Amber. Let's hope that he has mended his rude social media ways, and only tweets nice things from now on. No one deserves to be told her face breaks a TV.


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