Kailyn Lowry Puts Matt Baier in His Place -- It's Awesome

These days, it seems like there's always some drama surrounding Amber Portwood's fiancé, Matt Baier ... and it doesn't sound like it's slowing down anytime soon. After Matt's mean tweets about Kailyn Lowry became public this week, Kailyn has responded to Matt's comments, and needless to say, she's not pleased.


In case you missed it, tweets were uncovered from Matt's private account where he called Kailyn ugly in a few creative, very rude ways while he watched Teen Mom 2. And although we're sure Kailyn's feelings are hurt, she's decided to take the high road on this one.

While talking to The Real Mr. Housewife, Kailyn said: 

Honestly, it is what it is. Obviously, I was skeptical about him at first because of it. But I met him in person and he was very nice to me. And let's face it, I'm sure there are people we do know, consider friends, and are acquaintances with that talk crap about us, too.  

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We are so impressed with Kailyn's response! Although she's probably upset, this was an incredibly mature way to handle the situation -- way more mature than Matt's cyberbullying, despite the fact that he's many years older than her. 

We're glad she's taking this situation with such a positive approach. As always, Kailyn's setting a great example for her sons on how to face the inevitable adversity that happens to everyone. We're pretty sure she wins this round! 


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