'Bachelor' Star Carly Waddell & New Boyfriend Have Already Called It Quits

When it comes to love, poor Carly Waddell just can't catch a break! After watching things implode between her and Chris Soules and Kirk DeWindt on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, respectively, we're heartbroken to hear that her latest relationship has ended. Unfortunately, Carly and boyfriend Erik DiNardo have broken up. Bummer! 


And it gets worse -- they broke up right after the most romantic day of the year! Carly confirmed the details to Us Weekly this week, and it sounds like it's been really rough. 

She told the mag:

Erik and I broke up the day after Valentine's Day. It was really sad and completely unexpected, on both of our parts. We figured out that we both were wanting different things in the future, so we called it off before it got even more serious, which was hard when you love someone. In the long run it would be even harder to do … but it would also be inevitable. I am just one of those 'everything happens for a reason' people. … So I can’t live in yesterday and I don't want to. 

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Poor Carly! But she's totally right -- if you and your partner can't agree on what you want your future to look like and it's a deal breaker, it's better to end the relationship sooner rather than later. 

And even though it's been difficult, it sounds like she's staying positive about the experience. "I'm super thankful for Erik because we wrote a badass song for Jade's wedding," she added. "I'm thankful for him for a million reasons." 

That's the spirit! Don't worry, Carly -- we're sure your Prince Charming will come along soon. And if not? There's always Bachelor in Paradise season three! 


Image via carlywad/Instagram

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