Amanda Stanton May Find Love With a Fellow 'Bachelor' Nation Single Dad

Even though it was obvious she was getting the boot, it was still heartbreaking to see Amanda Stanton get eliminated from The Bachelor this week. But there might be a very cute, very single silver lining waiting for her! Apparently, JJ Lane is into Amanda, and they'd make the perfect couple.


Earlier this month, JJ admitted to the New York Post that he's warm for Amanda's form. "I want to know that girl," he said at the time. "I would go [on Bachelor in Paradise] for only one reason." 

And in a recent interview with Wetpaint, fellow Bachelor alum and friend Tenley Molzahn says that they'd actually be really great together, and we can't disagree. She said: 

I love JJ and I think [Amanda] seems like an amazing girl so I would love to support that. It would be like The Brady Bunch slash Full House! [JJ's daughter] Gemma is the sweetest thing in the whole wide world so I'm sure she would have a lot of fun hanging out with two other girls.

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Tenley is totally right! JJ and Amanda both know what it's like to be a single parent to daughters, and being that they're both absolutely gorgeous, we already know they'd be a cute couple. This needs to happen.

Chris Harrison, ABC, it's your move. Get these two on Bachelor in Paradise season three so we can have yet another success story!


Image via amanda_stantonn/Instagram

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