'Bachelor' Ben Higgins's Final Pick Is So Obvious It's Stupid

On Monday night, The Bachelor treated us to hometown dates, which means Ben Higgins traveled home with his final four women to figure out if he could get an in with their families and real lives. But aside from the drama with JoJo's brothers and the weird toy factory date with Caila, there was one major takeway from the episode. 


It's so completely obvious that Ben picks Lauren Bushnell as his final rose winner.

Okay, so Ben plays along a little bit with the idea of spending the rest of his life with the other women who are left, so at least he's (kind of) trying. He seems to like Caila enough to pal around with, and sometimes it seems like he does have actual chemistry with JoJo. But with Lauren? It's pretty clear that his feelings for her are way deeper than the ones he has for anyone else.

Exhibit A: When he broke down in tears trying to explain what Lauren means to him after dinner with her family. Ben might be kind of an emotional guy, but he wouldn't just tear up about anyone -- and he hasn't, so far.

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And as for Exhibit B? He treated his date with Lauren and her fam more like he was spending time with his future in-laws, not like he was just meeting the parents of a girl he's dating. From the way he looks at her, the way they interact ... he sees her as his wife.

And since the other women have realized that the way Ben treats Lauren is different from how he treats them, we have a feeling this isn't coming as a shock to them, either. In fact, it's hard not to feel bad for them. They're falling for Ben, too, but with Lauren in the picture, they don't have a chance.

But since we're invested, we'll keep playing along, even though it basically goes without question that Lauren is the future Mrs. Higgins. And in the meantime, here's a tip for all future Bachelors: Work on your poker face. We like to be surprised! 


Image via Levy Moroshan/ABC

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