Jenelle Evans's Illness Could Mean the End of Her 'Teen Mom' Career

You know those mysterious hospital Instagram posts Jenelle Evans has been sharing lately, alluding to some illness she hasn't filled us in on yet? It could be serious -- so serious, in fact, that it could mean Jenelle has to quit Teen Mom 2.


This week, TMZ caught up with Jenelle at LAX airport. As it turns out, she was flying in to meet with doctors to help with some crazy symptoms she's been dealing with, and finally, we got some answers about what's been going on with her.

She told the site: 

I have no idea what's going on right now, so that's why I'm here -- to get answers ... I've been having a lot of joint pain, knee pain, pelvic pain, hot flashes, just a lot of weird stuff going on. This has been happening for six weeks consecutively, and a lot of the reason why the doctors are so concerned is that I'm having severe hot flashes. 

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That definitely sounds scary -- and at the very least, no fun at all to deal with. Hopefully the specialists Jenelle is seeing in LA are able to figure out what's going on with her so that she can start feeling better soon.

And when the reporter asked her if she'd walk away from the show if doctors asked her, she said, "Possibly, yeah." 

So will we see Jenelle on Teen Mom 2 in the future? It all depends on her health. So if you want to see more of her -- and Kaiser and Jace -- keep your fingers crossed that she gets some answers about her illness. 

Get well soon, Jenelle! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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