Matt Baier Shamelessly Poked Fun at Kailyn Lowry -- Run, Amber, Run!

It's not a good week to be Matt Baier. Earlier this week, Radar Online uncovered tweets from Matt where he hit on Farrah Abraham before dating now-fiancée Amber Portwood, and it looks like his next victim is one of the Teen Mom 2 girls. Thanks to the site, we now know that Matt bashed Kailyn Lowry in 2014 ... awkward. 


According to the tweets -- obtained by Radar from Matt's now-private Twitter account -- Matt used to regularly slam Kailyn's appearance, and what he said in some of the tweets is really mean. 

In one of them, he wrote: 

What was the topic of Kailyn's book? How to bang ugly dudes, cheat in a shower and have my face always look like I'm allergic to shellfish?

Ouch. In other tweets, Matt said that Kailyn's face "breaks my TV," and that it was the "worst thing that ever happened to high definition." Seriously, dude?

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It's crazy that Matt would say that, because Kailyn is obviously gorgeous. And it's hard to believe that a grown man would spend time bullying young girls on Twitter, but it happens all the time. Even so, we wonder if Amber knows about this. She and Kailyn are friends, and we can't help but want to know if finding out this information is going to hurt their relationship. 

Either way, we hope that Matt's cyberbullying days are over. Not cool, Matt -- not to mention that it's not a good example to set for Leah, either.


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