'Bachelor' Star Amanda's Ex Speaks Out About Being a Deadbeat Dad

ben higgins amanda stanton kidsThere were so many emotions happening on The Bachelor, and things were amplified by the presence of children -- Amanda Stanton's children. And because of some things that Ben Higgins said regarding Amanda's ex and the father of her kids, Nick Buonfiglia, Nick is speaking out to make sure people know he's a great dad.


Spoiler alert.

Ben isn't quite ready to step into any kind of stepdad role. And that is okay, though a bit heartbreaking in some ways as well. As a single mom, I get this and respect it. Ben was given a really good look at what a date with Amanda would be like, complete with adorable moments with her daughters Kinsley, 3, and nearly 2-year-old Charlie. But things aren't always adorable. Charlie had a bit of a meltdown and wouldn't stop crying while they were in the car. Car crying is up there with the worst of the crying incidents. I also felt that this was a good thing -- he needed to see that kids aren't always perfect little cutie pies all the time. Parenting is hard. Dating a single parent takes a certain someone. And apparently that someone isn't Ben. Amanda was eliminated.

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What also came out of the episode is some words from Amanda's ex and the father of her daughters. Nick Buonfiglia feels he wasn't exactly portrayed as the loving father that he is. Some threw out the phrase "deadbeat dad." Ouch. Who knows what was left on the editing table when the episodes were filmed, but that's TV for you. Still, this is Nick's life and his kids, so I love that he is speaking out about it. Nick said that he wan't happy when Ben asked Amanda why Nick didn't want to spend more time with his own kids. Oh, Ben. Divorce is so complicated when there are kids involved. Nick wants the world to know he loves his little ones and is very involved with them. He seems like a really great guy. Dare I say, Bachelor material? Take a look at him!


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Nick also wants to make it clear that he is happy for his ex -- he said they married young and he made a lot of mistakes but has learned from all of them. His kids are everything to him and he certainly did not abandon them. He also thinks that his ex would make a great Bachelorette now that Ben has eliminated her. When asked, he also said he would go on the show as a Bachelor as well.

Fascinating. And completely adorable. Let's just make sure they aren't on the same show ... or would that be a good idea?


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