Ben Higgins Does Hometowns on 'The Bachelor' & Gets All Kinds of Grilled

Hometown dates are usually a little bit brutal, but Ben Higgins? He took the cake on The Bachelor this week. On Monday night, Ben went home to meet the family with Caila, Lauren B., JoJo, and Amanda, and it caused him to make some tough decisions. 


Amanda's hometown date was pretty uneventful -- Ben got to hang out with her super adorable daughters on the beach, and they had a lot of fun. Then, Ben went home with Lauren, and their chemistry was off the charts, as usual. He even cried while trying to explain how he feels about her ... wait, why does he even bother with everyone else?

And then, there was Caila. Oh, Caila. She took Ben to her dad's toy factory, they made a big plastic dream house together, and his family seemed to really love him. In fact, their date went so well that Caila almost told Ben she loves him for the first time. Whoa! 

But then, it was time to meet JoJo's fam, and that's where the drama really went down.

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Not only was her date preceded by a dozen roses and a note from her ex, Chad, begging to have her back -- BTW, she totally sent him packing in favor of Ben -- but her "meet the parents" scenario didn't exactly go as planned, either ...

... because JoJo has a super close family, and her older brothers were not into Ben at all. The whole Bachelor thing really rubbed them the wrong way, and they called him out for "brainwashing" the women into making them think they have feelings for him when they really don't. Ouch.

In the end, though, it didn't affect how Ben feels about JoJo. Instead, he sent Amanda home to her daughters, and Caila, JoJo, and Lauren are still standing.

Fantasy Suite dates. Next week. Same time, same place. Are you ready? We are!


Image via Levy Maroshan/ABC

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