Jenelle Evans's Health Scare May Be Worse Than We Thought

It's nearly impossible to find a day when she isn't in the news for something, but this time Jenelle Evans's health may be in serious peril. Reports say that Jenelle's recent medical troubles have doctors concerned that the Teen Mom 2 star has a tumor.


Pretty scary stuff.

Jenelle has been alluding to health issues on Twitter, but the situation may be far worse than her cryptic tweets are letting on. In fact, according to Radar Online, she is having trouble walking because the muscles in her legs and hips have become very weak. On top of that, she's experiencing dizziness, hot flashes, and extreme cramps.

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Doctors allegedly think the symptoms are the result of an issue with her pituitary gland, and the problem may involve a tumor.

Serious health scares are no walk in the park for anyone, but when you're a mom of two young children, it's nearly impossible to take care of yourself when you're caring for others. We really hope that Jenelle's doctors are able to quickly diagnose and correct whatever is causing her ailments.

Teen Mom 2 fans may not always agree with the 24-year-old's actions, but we can all accede that we don't want the reality star to be in any pain. Get well soon, Jenelle.


Image via JMA/SMX/Splash News

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