Leah Calvert Shares Pic of Ex Jeremy Calvert on Instagram -- Huh?

Last we heard, Leah Messer is single ... and she's not getting back together with her ex Jeremy Calvert. So why did his face pop up on her social media account? If you follow the Teen Mom 2 star, you may have noticed that Leah posted a photo of Jeremy on Instagram ... and you're probably also wondering why. 


On Monday morning, Leah posted a side-by-side comparison of Jeremy and Lance Bass, pointing out how alike they look. Okay, so we can't disagree with her there. He does look a lot like the former 'N Sync band member. 

Since the photo Leah posted was this, we have a feeling nothing romantic is going on here -- sorry to everyone who's been hoping that Adalynn's parents are getting back together. Just a funny, friendly post, that's all!

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Besides, it seems like Jeremy is still happily in love with girlfriend Brooke Wehr, especially since they spent Valentine's Day together a couple of weeks ago. If Leah's trying to get back into his life, it looks like he's already spoken for! 

And since it does seem to be friendly, it's a good thing. Adalynn will only benefit from two parents who can still get along even though they're divorced. And we all know that after all she's been through, Leah can use all the friends she can get. 

Plus, Jeremy really does look like Lance. Maybe they're distant relatives? 


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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