Matt Baier May Have Settled for Amber Portwood Because He Couldn't Snag Farrah Abraham

We knew the Teen Mom universe was small, but we had no idea it was this small! In recent months, all kinds of secrets have come out about Amber Portwood's fiancé, Matt Baier, and the latest is kind of mind-blowing. Apparently, Matt hit on Farrah Abraham before he dated Amber. Wait, what?!


You probably already know that Amber and Matt met on Twitter, where Matt tweeted about the show even before he'd gotten to talk to her in person. But his earliest tweets weren't directed at Amber -- they were all about Farrah. As Radar Online pointed out, Matt frequently replied to Farrah's tweets, and once, he even asked her out. 

These days, Matt's tweets are private, but don't worry: If you want to see the tweets for yourself, Radar has plenty of screenshots of the messages in question -- and even if Matt tries to deny this, they're pretty damning evidence.

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Obviously, nothing ever came of Matt's tweets to Farrah, and he and Amber are now engaged and (hopefully) living happily ever after instead. But that doesn't mean Farrah didn't acknowledge this breaking news on Instagram! She posted: 

Ummmm #wtf not cool

A photo posted by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on

So far, Amber has yet to comment on the report. Not that she should feel threatened, of course -- Farrah was obviously just a crush. His relationship with Amber is the real deal! 

We hope this news doesn't bring the drama. They've been doing so well lately! 


Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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