Donald Trump Wants to Make Westeros Great Again in Scary-Accurate 'Game of Thrones' Mash-Up (VIDEO)


Do you know who wouldn't have any of this White-Walker-eating-all-the-babies nonsense? Donald J. Trump. And some brilliant YouTuber thinks the same way, and therefore created a wonderful mash-up with Trump as a Westeros character from Game of Thrones. 


"Winter Is Trumping" features Donald Trump "armed with a Valyrian steel sword named Deal-Maker" as he "embarks on a quest through Westeros to take care its border policies."


It's time to make Westeros great again! The residents of Westeros are going to get so sick of winning! 

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Say what you want about The Donald, but I can think of so many Game of Thrones moments where he would have fit in perfectly. And, a lot like our beloved Tyrion, he would not have taken any s*** from Joffrey. 

Image via huw parkinson / YouTube 

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