Farrah Abraham's Feud With MTV May Finally Mean the End of Her 'Teen Mom' Journey

Did you catch Monday night's explosive two-part finale of Teen Mom OG? Holy moly, a lot of drama went down in the last two episodes of of the season, and we may have actually seen the last of Farrah Abraham. Well, on MTV at least, because I doubt that girl is going anywhere.


Things started out pretty normal in Farrah land, with her and Simon Saran planning her move to Los Angeles, and of course ring shopping. Oh yeah, they recently got back together for eleventieth time. Farrah being Farrah declared that the three-carat diamond stunner was "too small." Bless her heart.

But things got really interesting toward the end of the final episode, when Farrah absolutely refused to film with MTV anymore. According to the producers (who were stuck milling around in her driveway because she wouldn't let them in the house), Farrah was offered another reality TV show, but MTV said it would violate her contract with them, as it would show the same stories at the same time as Teen Mom does.

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The girl we love to hate said that it was a show about getting therapy with her mom, Debra Danielson, which of course is nothing like the story lines on Teen Mom OG. Uh, then what did we just watch you do all season, Farrah, other than try to work out your relationship with your mom?

That's when Farrah came out to the driveway and started screaming at producer Larry (the one she once tried to run over in her car) that he was white trash, and she even pushed him when he tried to explain that she was in danger of being in breach of contract. She got into a physical altercation with an MTV producer and then screamed that they would never see her on the network again. I'm sure they're really going to miss working with her.

Meanwhile, Amber and Gary spent the majority of the two episodes continuing to go back and forth over custody of their daughter Leah. After an entire season, it looks like they finally came to an agreement, and even did so out of court. Kudos to Gary for finally putting his daughter first, and allowing Amber to have more time with her. She has worked her butt off to be a good mom since she got out of prison over two years ago, and she's more than earned more time with her daughter. 

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Maci Bookout and Tyler McKinney have been struggling to keep up with their hectic schedules, but finally seem to have a bit of a respite in at least one area. Bentley's dad Ryan Edwards has really been stepping up to the plate to help with his son more, and even communicating with Maci effectively. There were a couple of points when Maci got overwhelmed with managing everything, but Taylor manned up and stepped in to shoulder more responsibility, and things ended on a good note for this family.

Meanwhile in Michigan, Catelynn Lowell seems to have finally accepted that she's suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to Novalee. Thankfully, she has an amazing husband in Tyler Baltierra, and they promise to help each other through tough times like this. Plus, they celebrated Nova's first birthday, and even though a restraining order kept both Cate's mom and Ty's dad from being in the same room at the same time, that just meant the birthday girl got two cakes! It was really cool to see these two come up with a solution to help as many people who love Nova as possible celebrate her big 0-1.

Now who can't wait for the reunion special with Dr. Drew to find out what's been happening with everyone since the cameras stopped rolling just after Christmas? I know I can't. 


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