15 Surprising Facts About Farrah Abraham

Nicole Pomarico | Feb 26, 2016 TV

Out of all the Teen Mom OG stars, Farrah Abraham is definitely the most notorious of the bunch. And even though it may seem like Farrah puts it all out there, there are probably things most folks didn't already know about Sophia's mom. Yes, even for the gal who is notorious for baring it all, this young woman has her own secrets. We scoured the Internet to find the Farrah facts that even the most devoted Teen Mom fan might not be aware of. 

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Because she's not just a mom -- she's an entrepreneur, a reality star, and a pretty generous tooth fairy. After all, this reality star has to keep bringing home the bacon. And while some of these bacon-seeking ways have led her into some questionable decisions, it also means we are constantly guessing what she'll do next. And we're even wondering what she did before becoming a reality bad-girl. 

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Read on to learn more about the always-intriguing Farrah. Chances are there are some things fans didn't know about her in here. Maybe they'll love her more ... or maybe they won't. Either way, there's never a dull moment when Farrah's around.

And let us know: Which Farrah fact was the most surprising?


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