Ben Higgins Apparently Needed His Mom's Approval in Choosing a 'Bachelor' Winner

If there's one thing we've learned about Ben Higgins this season on The Bachelor, it's that his family is very important to him. Ben regularly calls to catch up with his mom and dad during filming, so it's no surprise that how they feel about his future wife means a lot to him. But did Ben's mom choose his Bachelor winner for him?


According to a new report from Life & Style, Ben's mom's opinion weighed a lot into his decision-making process, and a source close to the Bachelor star says that when he presented his final two choices to his mom, Amy, Ben ended up picking the girl his mom liked better. 

The source told the mag: 

He always thinks she knows best. He asks his mom for advice on everything. It was obvious to everyone who was there that his mom really made the final decision. 

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It's no surprise to hear that what she thinks means so much to him, especially after watching Emily's one-on-one date on the show this week. After his mom was in tears about how much she thought Emily shouldn't be the girl he chooses, Ben sent her packing. 

We hope whoever's about to become the next Mrs. Higgins is okay with having his mom involved in all of their future decisions!



Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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