Amber Portwood's Fiancé Finally Fesses Up to How Many Kids He Actually Has

Fresh off the news that Matt Baier may have eight kids -- rather than the rumored seven -- Amber Portwood's fiancé is coming clean on exactly how many children he has. Teen Mom OG fans have been trying to figure out what's what ever since it was revealed this season that Matt had apparently lied about having only two kids.


Several weeks ago on the show, Amber was confronted by her ex Gary Shirley, who claimed to have evidence that Matt had multiple open child support cases against him, for as many as seven children. More recently, yet another woman came forward, claiming to be the mother of number eight.

Baier talked to In Touch to set the record straight, saying, "I have five children [ranging in age from 13 to 25], and all of them have come from long-term relationships."

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This is fairly consistent to what we've seen on the show -- after the information came out, Amber and Matt admitted that he did have five children, but they had made the decision to not acknowledge three of his adult children in order to respect their privacy.

Matt continued to debunk the rumors, saying, "There are not seven child support cases against me -- that is completely not true. I paid child support for all my kids ... I have an arrangement where I pay for education and a few other things. [However,] I don't have to pay for two of my girls because they have been emancipated."

He also said that Amber has met every single one of his kids, and that they get along. Her 7-year-old daughter Leah has even met the younger ones.

To say that he and Amber were not pleased with how Gary handled the situation is an understatement. He sat on his "surprise" information and waited for a gotcha-moment in front of the MTV cameras, probably to help his since-settled custody battle over Leah.

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"When he brought up the accusations, I was very hurt," Matt confessed. "But since then, Gary's been very apologetic. He looked me in the eyes and said, 'I'm sorry.'" That is certainly good to hear! People should always apologize when they act like jerks.

And it seems that all is well between Amber and Matt these days, and he hopes that fans will settle down about the whole situation. "It's sad that people are coming up with these crazy stories," he said. "Amber and I have a healthy relationship. We have no secrets from each other."


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