Ben Higgins May Have One of His Final Four Women Stolen Back by Her Ex

This season of The Bachelor might be starting to wind down, but the drama? Not a chance that's slowing down anytime soon. And it gets even better. Apparently one of Ben Higgins's women will get a surprise visit from an ex on the show, begging to have her back! 


According to E! News, in an exclusive promo for next Monday's episode, JoJo's ex-boyfriend Chad will try to get her back via flowers and a sweet note. If he's the cheater JoJo talked about on the show, we have a feeling he's going to need a lot more than that to win her love ... especially since his competition is Ben! 

Being that next week's ep is sure to feature a lot of emotional moments -- since it is time for hometown dates, after all -- Chad stirring the pot will make it even more fun to watch. Hey, The Bachelor is so rich in tradition that it's nice when the show mixes things up a bit! 

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We have a feeling nothing could persuade JoJo to leave the show, though. She seems to have some real feelings toward Ben, especially after their awesome one-on-one date that allowed them to have Wrigley Field to themselves for a day. How can anyone compete?! 

Either way, it's going to be so much fun to watch. We can't wait! 


Image via Jean Whiteside/ABC

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