Adam Lind Has Wasted No Time in Securing a New Girlfriend

Sorry, ladies, but Adam Lind appears to be off the market once again. Mere days after Chelsea Houska's ex broke up with his last girlfriend over yet another nude photo scandal, it looks as though he's already dating someone new.


The Teen Mom 2 star's relationship with Stasia Huber reportedly ended when one of his (many) ex-girlfriends, Jessica Nicole, posted a photo on social media of him biting her hiney. 

But this ladies' man didn't wait long at all to rebound. A source confided to Radar Online that "a girl from Minnesota drove to South Dakota to meet Adam over the weekend and to hook up with him. Now they are hanging out." Said girl is 24-year-old single mom Alyssa Pfannenstein, who goes more commonly by Lysa Kari.

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According to the insider, Kari drove 250 miles from her hometown of Sartell, Minnesota, to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to visit Lind. Her daughter, Abiliene Rhyan, was reportedly not with her. "She's got a kid and supposedly it wasn't her weekend with her kid, so that's why she went to see Adam," the source explained.

Lind told Radar that while he did spend part of the weekend with his own daughter Paislee, he took her back to his baby mama Taylor Halbur before Kari got there. He also said that this wasn't just a random hookup -- he's known this lady friend for a while already.

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Adam explained that they'd met through "mutual friends," and added, "I've known her for a long time ... Just a friend who came to visit. It's no big deal." He continued, "[It's not] the first time I've met her, and, no, she's not a random hookup ... She came down with friends to see other friends and hang out ... Not like she dove here and tried to f*** me and leave."

Sounds legit ... but then again, this is Adam Lind we're talking about here. We're just glad that he seems to be keeping his gal pals away from both Paislee and his other daughter Aubree with ex Chelsea Houska. Kids deserve stability ... and that doesn't seem to be something Adam's willing to provide right now.


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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