Maci Bookout Judged for Drinking During Her Third Pregnancy

It's only been a few days since we heard the exciting news that another Teen Mom star is expecting again, and already the haters are coming out in droves with their judgey-judgment. Maci Bookout has gotten a ton of crap already for drinking during her third pregnancy -- even though she didn't do anything wrong.


The Teen Mom OG star announced over the weekend that she and her fiancé Taylor McKinney are expecting again, and that their new bundle is due in May. That's less than a year after they welcomed sweet baby Jayde, little sister to Bentley, Maci's son from a previous relationship.

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According to the 24-year-old, she didn't even know she was pregnant again until right after they got engaged about a month ago. Before then, she had numerous pics of herself relaxing with a beer or another alcoholic refreshment on social media, much like this one.

Doing the math, she would have been into her second trimester around the time the photo was taken. She also must have been (unknowingly) pregnant for much of the filming of the current season of Teen Mom OG, where she has been shown drinking on more than one occasion.

So of course people on the Internet had to call her out for being a bad mom. Drinking while pregnant is a big-time no-no in America, which obviously means that no woman of child-bearing age should ever have an adult beverage, just in case she might be expecting a little one.

Or, you know, maybe Maci is human, and just had no idea she was pregnant. Periods are weird for months for most women after giving birth, so even if she didn't get that monthly reminder, there's no reason Maci should have expected that she was expecting.

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And for reals, are we going to add to her mom guilt? Of course she knows you're not supposed to drink while gestating, and she probably has enough guilt about it already. There's nothing to be done now, and since Maci is a responsible mom and human being, it's doubtful that she was really indulging very often anyway.

I'm sure that she and this new baby (a brother!) are going to be just fine, despite what her haters say. Hopefully they take it with a grain of salt, and just bask in the joy of welcoming a tiny new person into the world again.


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