Leah Messer Responds to Rumors That She's Pregnant Again

There's no doubt about it: Leah Messer makes adorable babies. So is another one in her future? Not exactly. This week, Leah spoke out about pregnancy rumors, and it definitely sounds like Addie will be her last child.


The rumors recently began circulating and heated up when a fan asked her on Instagram when her next baby is due. Don't worry, guys -- Leah is not expecting, and in fact, she's still on birth control. 

Addie showing some love to everyone this afternoon! She's perfect!!! ��

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Here's what Leah had to say in the comments of this video of Addie:

Wait what? Pregnant??! lol... Where do these rumors even come from. I have the IUD and even tho for some it may cause complications its the perfect birth control for me. It will stay that way for a long time. I'm perfectly content with the 3 kids I have and they need all my time and attention right now. Another baby is more than likely not ever gonna happen !

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Well, that just about says it all! And even though we adore the cute babies we get to see on Teen Mom 2, we think Leah's making a pretty smart choice. After all, between her custody battle with Corey Simms and taking care of her kiddos, this girl has a full plate! 

Besides, now that she and T.R. Dues are over, Leah's single for the first time in a long time. Maybe she should enjoy it before jumping into another relationship and having more kids with another guy? That's just our opinion! 

And if Leah's really done, we don't blame her. How could another baby possibly live up to how wonderful Ali, Aleeah, and Addie are?


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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