Farrah Abraham's Mom Accuses Simon Saran of Domestic Abuse (VIDEO)

If you think Farrah Abraham's mom has been fierce in the past, you obviously haven't seen her when she's concerned about her daughter's well-being! In this week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Debra sat down with Farrah's ex, Simon Saran, and accused him of domestic violence.


It all started when Debra and Simon sat down to talk, and it didn't go well. Debra expressed her concerns that Simon is too much like Farrah's dad, Michael, and that a lot of the ways he treats Farrah could be described as domestic abuse. 

But as for Simon's reaction? Very calmly, he turned it on Debra and said that while he's not violent, a lot of the behavior she's describing is how Farrah says Debra treats her. Yikes!

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We knew that Debra wasn't the biggest fan of Simon's, but we had no idea she felt this way. Being that we aren't actually in Farrah and Simon's relationship -- even though Teen Mom can make it feel that way -- there's no way of knowing who's right or wrong here. 

Honestly, there are worse things than a concerned mother, so at least Debra's keeping Farrah's best interests at heart. Here's hoping that their relationship was never violent -- we wouldn't want Farrah or Sophia to have to go through that!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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