'Bachelor' Ben Prepares for Hometown Dates by Sending Two Ladies Home

It's crazy that The Bachelor has officially been narrowed down to just six women, but after this week's episode? Only four remain, and those four will be taking Ben home to meet their families during next Monday's hometown dates. But getting to that point was a brutal process, especially when it came time for Ben to say good-bye to two of his ladies. 


This week, Ben and the gals headed to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, where three one-on-one dates plus one group date ensued. First, Ben took Lauren B. to see the town he lived in, and then JoJo got one of the coolest dates ever -- to hang out on Wrigley Field in Chicago! 

Finally, on the group boating date with Becca, Caila, and Amanda, Ben decided to give his rose to Amanda, promising her that he's excited to meet her daughters. Amanda was obviously over the moon as the two of them continued to a one-on-one date and sent the rest of the ladies home ... but of course, they weren't thrilled about it. 

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Things got hairy when Ben took Emily back to his house to meet his parents, though. After she awkwardly sat down to chat with each of them individually, it became glaringly obvious to them that she was too young and immature to marry their son, and unfortunately, Ben seemed to agree. 

Needless to say, before the date was over, Ben admitted he wasn't feeling the right connection with Emily, and she was sent home. And that wasn't the only cut made on Monday night. 

During the rose ceremony, Ben opted to send Becca home over Caila, leaving her, Amanda, Lauren, and JoJo still in the running for his heart. Next week, we get to see Ben meet each woman's family -- including Amanda's kids. Can't wait! 

Can you believe we're this far in the season?! Looks like next week is going to be drama and a half, but we know Ben can do it! 


Image via Jean Whiteside/ABC

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