Ben Higgins's 'Bachelor' Finale Might Honestly Prove to Be the 'Most Dramatic Ever'

As far as the promos go for the rest of this season of The Bachelor, it looks like we could be in for a wild ride. But is it just tricky ABC editing, or is there actual drama coming our way? Apparently, Ben Higgins's season finale is going to be brutal


According to what a source close to the show tells Us Weekly, Ben won't be changing his mind on the finale like we thought, but even so, it's still going to be really difficult to watch. Why? The woman Ben turns down is going to be "blindsided" by his rejection, and it's all because of three little words.

Yep, during his fantasy suite dates, Ben reportedly tells two of his final three that he loves them, so obviously, whoever doesn't get the proposal would be pretty surprised that he changed his mind so quickly. Can't blame her for that!

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The source tells the mag: 

Ben definitely regretted saying 'I love you' to both women. He realized the inevitability of what was going to happen: needing to send one home in the end ... Ben tells her that he truly does love her. He says those weren’t just words. That was the most important thing he had to do: Tell her that as much of a mistake as it had been to say 'I love you,' he did mean it. She was devastated. There were a lot of tears.

Yep, this is going to be a rough one. But we can't know for sure what happens 'til the finale airs, and ... we can wait. We're not ready for this season to end yet! 


Image via Jean Whiteside/ABC

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