Jenelle Evans Rips Her Mom to Pieces Over Her Custody Battle With Jace

Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara, have never had a perfect relationship -- and it gets even worse when Jenelle talks about getting custody back of her son Jace. And now, in a new blog post, Jenelle is calling her mom out for making it difficult for her to have Jace full-time.


In the post titled "Overcoming Life's Obstacles," Jenelle talks about all the positive changes in her life she's made recently -- and the fact that her mom still isn't willing to budge on the custody issue despite them. She's put her life back together, and she's pretty frustrated that it isn't enough to have Jace living with her in her home. 

She wrote: 

Moving back to North Carolina was also such a big deal to me because, of course, as everyone knows, I do not have custody of my first son, Jace. I was going to wait for it and see how my mom felt about me moving back, hoping and praying I can have my son as well. It seems like things aren’t changing as of now. Within this past couple of weeks, I realized I'm going to fight a tough battle between my own mother and me because she will not let me have my son back. I think maybe she’s too attached to him, or maybe she doesn’t want to be alone. 

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Jenelle makes a few good points. She has made a lot of changes, and that's awesome! But also knowing Jenelle from Teen Mom 2, a lot of times things go on behind the scenes that we aren't aware of, and there could be other underlying reasons that Barbara isn't too keen on handing Jenelle back the reigns.  

She continued:  

I never thought my mother would still put up such a battle with me, knowing I'm sober, knowing my dating life is perfect, and everything has been smooth sailing since I’ve moved back. Whatever the case may be, I think I’ve waited long enough. I’m hoping within these next couple of months that getting custody of Jace is going to be the biggest accomplishment I've ever made in my life, and I cannot wait until that day!

Yikes! What we do know? Jenelle never gives up on anything, so if she wants Jace back, we know she'll fight to make it happen. It'll be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Here's hoping what happens is best for him, because that's what matters most.
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