15 Black Couples on TV Who Showed Us What True Love Is

Rebecca Deczynski | Feb 15, 2018 TV
15 Black Couples on TV Who Showed Us What True Love Is
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Susan Kelechi Watson Sterling K. Brown
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While many television series  focus on dysfunctional families and relationships, often portraying couples, especially minorities, in a negative light, sometimes we get to watch TV couples who stick together through thick and thin. Over the past few decades, there have been several black TV couples who have served as excellent role models.

Black love, no matter how sweet it is, remains sorely underrepresented in Hollywood, so when it's done right, we definitely sit up and take notice. Who can forget the special lovin' between George and "Weezie" Jefferson or the way Whitley and Dwayne proved opposites attract on A Different World? And we'll never get enough of watching Bernie 'Mac' and Wanda love each other well while raising those kids together on The Bernie Mac Show. And, of course, right now, we consider Randall and Beth Pearson from This Is Us to be one of the ultimate couplings of all time.  

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Here are 15 black couples on television who served as excellent examples of what it means to love, honor and cherish, and we'll never forget them. 

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  • Uncle Phil & Aunt Viv on 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'


    Image via NBC

    When their nephew, Will, needs a home and a little guidance, Philip and Vivian Banks take him in. Although Daphne Reid was replaced by Janet Hubert in 1996 for the role of Aunt Viv, both actresses had great chemistry with James Avery as Unce Phil. The couple was portrayed as a solid partnership with mutual love and respect for each other.

  • Rochelle & Julius on 'Everybody Hates Chris'


    Image via The CW

    In Chris Rock's autobiographical TV show, parents Rochelle and Julius, played by Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews, run a strict household and work hard to keep their three kids on the right track. Although 13-year-old Chris may have seen his family as dsyfunctional, this pairing showed that a little tough love isn't a bad thing.

  • Michael & Janet on 'My Wife and Kids'


    Image via Lions Gate Home Entertainment

    Janet and Michael Kyle, played by Tisha Campell-Martin and Damon Wayans, do their best to prevent their children from making any mistakes, which often results in Jay teaching some funny life lessons. The couple found themselves expecting when they were just teenagers, and their perseverance through the years shows exactly what a strong pair they are.

  • George & Louise on 'The Jeffersons'


    Image via Bettmann/CORBIS

    George and Louise Jefferson, portrayed by Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford, balanced each other out as they moved on up in the world. We can thank Louise for keeping her husband in check, even when the cash started flowing.

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  • Jamie & Fancy on 'The Jamie Fox Show'


    Photo via Warner Bros

    For most of this series, aspiring musician Jamie King (played by Jamie Foxx) pined over Fancy (played by Garcelle Beauvais) to no avail. That's why it was all the most satisfying when the two started dating and eventually got engaged.

  • Whitley & Dwayne on 'A Different World'

    Kadeem Hardison Jasmine Guy
    Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

    Ah, young love. College students Whitley and Dwayne, portrayed by Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison, were just different enough that they made the perfect match. Who knew a beauty and a math genius would pair so well?

  • Tanya & Victor on 'That's So Raven'


    Image via Disney Channel

    With a psychic for a daughter, Tanya and Victor Baxter certainly don't have a normal life. But the couple, played by T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh and Rondell Sheridan, also support each other as they each follow their dreams as Tanya returns to law school and Victor opens a restaurant before ultimately becomes the White House chef in the spin-off series Cory in the House.

  • Carl & Laura on 'Family Matters'


    Image via Warner Bros

    Even with a pesky neighbor like Steve Urkel and all his shenanigans, Carl and Laura Winslow, played by Reginald VelJohnson and Kellie Shanygne Williams, kept their home life relatively calm. As an elevator operator, Laura was the understanding, chatty one, while police sergeant Carl relied on his wife to balance him out.

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  • Florida & James on 'Good Times'


    Image via AS400 DB/Corbis

    Living in the Chicago projects in the '70s, the Evans family was not wealthy. But husband-and-wife duo James and Florida, played by Jimmie Walker and Esther Rolle, kept their household filled with love at all times.

  • Randall & Beth on 'This Is Us'

    this is us randall beth pearson
    NBC Universal

    This Is Us couple Randall and Beth Pearson, played by Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson, are pure #relationshipgoals. Randall is quirky and uptight and Beth is wicked smart and totally no nonsense. Together, they are everything. We can't get enough of these two! 

  • Bernie & Wanda on 'The Bernie Mac Show'


    Image via Ronald Asadorian/Splash News

    Standup comedian Bernie 'Mac' McCullough and his wife, Wanda, (played by Kellita Smith) live the good life in Los Angeles, but getting sudden custody of his sister's children when she goes to rehab throws him for a loop. Although the couple doesn't have children of their own, they work together as extremely loving parents and partners to take care of the three kids.

  • Synclaire & Overton on 'Living Single'


    Image via Warner Bros

    Although the premise of this '90s sitcom was about six single friends living in a Brooklyn brownstone, that doesn't mean it was without romance. Watching Synclaire and Overton (played by Kim Coles and John Henton) slowly fall in love before they got married in the fourth season was enough to make viewers cheer.

  • Dee & Frank on 'Moesha'


    Image via Nickelodeon

    When widower Frank (played by William Allen Young) marries Dee (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph), his daughter, Moesha, (Brandy) is upset. But eventually stepmom and stepdaughter grow to have an extremely nurturing relationship, and Dee helps Frank accept his daughter is growing up.

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  • Curtis & Ella on 'House of Payne'


    Image via TBS

    When their nephew and his family move in with them after a fire, Curtis and Ella Payne put family first. The duo, played by LaVan Davis and Cassi Davis (not a real-life couple), is good-natured with a whole lot of spunk. Their support for one another never wavers, especially when Ella goes back to school and Curtis goes back to work.

  • Eddie & Jenn in 'Lincoln Heights'

    lincoln heights

    Police officer Eddie (played by Russell Hornsby) and nurse Jenn (played by Nicki Micheaux) move their family to their old neighborhood to make a difference in the community. Although things are tough, they make the most of every situation, always sticking together and having a positive attitude that's contagious.

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