'The Walking Dead' Is Back & I'm Looking Forward to a Very Dirty Valentine's Day (VIDEO)

This year, Valentine's Day will be spent wearing your slinkiest lingerie and eating a delicious dinner and chocolates, all while watching the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. It's like AMC planned this perfectly for those of us lo-vahs who know that the best way to be romantic is by watching a mess of people fight the zombie hordes. 


AMC has released the first four minutes of the mid-season premiere, and it looks like Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham have met some new friends on the road. 


Okay, first things first: Why doesn't anyone bathe on TWD

The gang that our people meets on the road obviously doesn't have access to any grooming products -- at all. I know always fighting zombies is a challenge, but you would think that food would be scarce and a decent clarifying shampoo would be plentiful. 

But Daryl still looks good.  

... Even though I think these new bad guys are copying Daryl's jam and dressing like him. #Hediditfirst. 

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I don't read the comics (I know! I know!), so I have no idea who these new people are, but I'll be excited to find out on Valentine's Day ... alone, without kids, because I'm one of those mean moms who doesn't let my kids watch this show, even though I know plenty of parents do. I just don't wanna deal with any short people waking me up at 3 a.m. because they've had nightmares.

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Images via AMC 

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