Farrah Abraham Wishes Her Dad 'Happy Birthday' & Fans Go Berserk

With so many controversial things to pick on, it seems strange that fans are choosing to slam Farrah Abraham for wishing her dad a happy birthday on social media. The Teen Mom OG star is constantly making headlines for her brash behavior, yet this is what the Internet is upset about?


You'd think people would be praising Farrah for actually giving a darn about her parents, considering her rocky history with them. She posted this video to Instagram, in celebration of her dad Michael's birthday.

Here's an example of the kind of responses she got: "Your parents are way too good for you. You need to disappear from the tabloids and better yourseld (sic) as a parent and person. You are a VERY bitter person. Pray for your daughter! She needs much better guidance."

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It seems as though a lot of people were upset that she called him "Dad" in the vid, since she typically refers to him as Michael.

Farrah also posted a bday selfie, but the responses weren't much better.

One follower responded, "How about giving him the gift of respect and call him dad. You are not his equal. Nice fake happy bday from you." Another wrote, "Now she calls him dad ... always callin' him Michael ... weak ass parents, I would smack ur disrespectful ass."

Ugh. Farrah has enough issues as it it -- let's let her be nice to her dad on his birthday, mmmkay?


Image via farrah_abraham/Instagram

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