Farrah Abraham's Mom Thinks It's Acceptable for Sophia to Wear Makeup

Over the past year or so, Farrah Abraham has received all kinds of backlash for allowing Sophia to wear makeup to school, especially the time she was wearing it in her school pictures. But there's one person who thinks it's fine for her to plunge headfirst into the world of cosmetics: her grandma. On Teen Mom OG this week, Debra defended Sophia's makeup-wearing habits, and it was kind of cute to see Grandma sticking up for her. 


It all started when Sophia got in trouble for showing up at school with a full face of makeup and came home to tell Debra all about it. It didn't take long for Debra to decide to call up the principal of Sophia's school and let her know exactly how she feels about the situation. 

"Excuse me, we have a different situation in our lives, and this is the way we roll," she said. 

We can't disagree with her there -- Sophia's life is way different than the lives of the other kids she goes to school with. Chances are, none of them are on reality TV ... or even have their own Instagram accounts.

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Although Sophia might be a little too young to start the addiction to makeup so many of us discovered in our teen years, it isn't hurting anybody if she wants to wear it. If the school has a rule about it, that's one thing -- but for now, it sounds like they just disagree with Farrah's parenting skills. And they wouldn't be the only one! 

Either way, one thing is for sure: Sophia will always have the love and support of her grandma. Don't mess with Debra! 


Image via sophialabraham/Instagram 

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