'Bachelor' Preview Makes Us Think Ben's Final Pick Changes at the Last Minute (VIDEO)

So far, this season of The Bachelor has just been par for the course. Adorable leading man, appropriate amounts of drama, and tons of roses and kissing -- what's not to like? But it may get even more predictable when the season ends. There's a chance Ben could pull a Jason Mesnick in the season finale and change his mind about his final pick! 


The buzz started when a promo for the second half of the season aired after Monday's new ep of The Bachelor, showing Ben unsure about the woman he wanted to give his final rose to. The preview makes it seem like he's going to send one woman away and then, later, realize that she's actually the one he should propose to. What a mess!

See for yourself: 

Is he changing his mind?! Does he choose either woman?! Does he walk away single?! What's happening?!

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Of course, before we get too excited, we need to keep in mind that ABC does tend to make things seem like they pan out differently than they actually do, since they like to keep us guessing. So what we see in this preview might not really be what happened on the show.

But even though Reality Steve predicted that Ben will walk away an engaged man, there's always a chance that the spoilers are wrong. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens when the finale airs next month! 

Here's hoping Ben ends up happy after everything is said and done. It's been a dramatic season so far, and the man deserves a break!


Image via higgins.ben/Instagram

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