'The Daily Show' Correspondent Jessica Williams Shuts Down People Hating on Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance

The Daily Show's Jessica Williams, senior Beyoncé correspondent (note to self: ask about getting this title for myself), had some choice words for all those old, white dudes conservatives who took issue with Beyonce's brilliant performance of "Formation" during SB50 halftime. Mainly, that they should stop whining about how blackness was brought into it. Because -- spoiler alert! -- Beyonce is black. 


Jessica's response took part mainly because people like the ex-mayor of NYC, Rudy Giuliani, complained that the halftime performers were expected to provide wholesome entertainment to middle Americans enjoying the game.

Jessica says in the video:

What are they, so delicate and unaware, and maybe so white, that Beyonce is too much for them? You know what's right in the middle of America? Ferguson, Missouri.

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Williams then goes on to say probably one of the best takes I have heard since reading about this whole faux-controversy: 

The fans deserve wholesome entertainment: like watching 300-pound men give each other concussions while a crowd cheers like extras in the movie Gladiator.

I do think anyone who is that scandalized by Beyonce's halftime show should probably consider exactly what we are cheering on when we watch the Super Bowl, or any football game for that matter. It's not like there's been a huge public outcry because men are suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. 


Image via Hulu/TheDailyShow

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