'The Bachelor' Sends So Many People Home, We Almost Lost Count

As we get closer and closer to the Bachelor season finale next month, more and more women are being sent home. But on Monday night's episode, it seemed like way more of them peaced out than normal. And remember all that Olivia drama last week? Ben didn't take away her rose, but that doesn't mean this week was a cake walk for her, either.


The number of eliminations started growing from the time the episode kicked off with a rose ceremony, and Jennifer was sent home right away. But then, in a seriously confusing turn of events, Leah panicked about whether or not Ben would decide to send her home and told him a major lie. Namely, that Lauren B. -- who he has the strongest connection with -- is treating the women in the house badly and acting way differently when Ben's around.

Yep, the same Lauren who has been relatively low-key and sweet to everyone all season long. That Lauren.

Fortunately, Ben wasn't buying what Leah was selling, and when she snuck into his hotel room later that night, he actually ended up sending her home. Make that two eliminations -- and we're just getting started. 

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Next came the dreaded two-on-one date. It doesn't always happen, but when it does, it ends in fireworks ... and not always in a good way. After a day spent on the beach with Emily and Olivia, Ben made the executive decision to send Olivia packing. The women back at the house celebrated when her suitcase was taken away, but Olivia was obviously devastated. 

And after that? Yet another rose ceremony, where Lauren H. was sent home. After losing four women in one episode, the competition is down to just six women, which means it won't be long before hometown dates happen! 

Here's hoping next week involves less heartbreak. Or maybe we hope it does. It makes pretty good TV!


Image via Eniac Martinez/ABC

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