Adam Lind Finally Gives Up on Custody Battle With Chelsea Houska

It's finally over! Chelsea Houska got a major win recently when it became clear that Adam Lind has dropped his custody battle for their 6-year-old daughter Aubree. The Teen Mom 2 stars have been battling it out in court for nearly a year, but according to a source close to the situation, Adam has thrown in the towel when it comes to gaining more visitation rights with Aubs.


Lind took Houska to court in March 2015, hoping to get joint custody of their daughter. At that point, he was only allowed supervised visitation with Aubree, thanks to extensive arrest record, including three DUIs.

The judge quickly dismissed the case, but promised Lind that he could try again in six months, if he kept himself out of trouble. Six months came and went last fall, but Adam failed to reappear in court, or file any motions.

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A source told Radar Online, "It's been quiet on that front ... He knows he has a losing case." The insider continued, "He knows nothing will change ... So he doesn't bother."

Actually, Adam, you can change. It's never too late to get your life together and decide to be a good dad, as well as a productive member of society. Instead he's gone on homophobic rants on social media, gotten himself entangled in another nude photo scandal, and who knows what else.

It's a good thing that Aubree has a better male role model in her life in the form of Cole DeBoer. Chelsea's fiancé has taken on the stepdad role with flying colors, and Aubs adores him as much as her mom does. She even made him a card for Father's Day last year (when Adam couldn't even be bothered to stay in town for the weekend to see her), and has asked to call him "Dad."

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As for how Chels and her fam feel about Adam's recent behavior, the source said that they're all "disgusted." The insider revealed, "As much as he's told people he's changed, he clearly has no control over his anger ... It shows his true colors."

Not that he'd win custody at this point in his life, but the fact that he seems to have dropped it is one less thing for Chelsea to worry about.


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