14 Times Christina Hendricks Totally Nailed Exactly How You Feel (GIFS)

Christina Hendricks

I'm 100 percent convinced that there is literally no role actress Christina Hendricks can’t take on like she was born to do it. As our fave redhead gears up for her next big role – the ex-wife who may or may not have a cool million dollars for her former husband on Sundance TV’s Hap and Leonard -- let’s take a look at the moments where the ladies Christina played in film and on TV totally embodied what it means to be woman in today's world.


Throughout the course of her acting career, Christina Hendricks has portrayed women from all walks of life, including a con artist in Joss Whedon’s Firefly, the super savvy and sassy office manager at ad agency Sterling Cooper & Partners in Mad Men, and even a 20th century servant with a wild past on the spoof sitcom Another Period. From taking on Mondays like a boss to dealing with terrible first Tinder dates and maybe snacking on more of the birthday cupcakes than you’d like to admit because it’s just necessary, it’s #thehustle meets #thestruggle as only Christina and her iconic characters can tell it...

1. So, yeah, about Mondays. When it's Monday morning, there's no coffee, and your boss wants you to stay late for the rest of the week...


2. You take it in stride, knowing sometimes you gotta keep calm and hustle on.

3. When that cute teacher at your son's school compliments the great job you did on the fund-raiser.

I love wrapping paper!

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4. When you discover why your toddler has been so quiet for the past 15 minutes, and it involves all of your favorite lipsticks and the couch.

5. When your husband texts to ask if you’re cool with his going to a bachelor party on Saturday night -- which means skipping out on the Netflix 'n' wine staycation-for-two you planned. (For the second Saturday in a row...)


6. When a fellow mom points out that there's sugar in the juice box you just handed your kid.


7. When you see a photo of yourself from college, and momentarily miss your pre-baby boobs. Though, on the other hand...


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8. When you run into an old crush from high school and he says he's been hearing great things about you and the work you've been doing.

9. When you realize there are actual application deadlines, visits, and interviews just to enroll your growing-up-way-too-fast toddler into ... pre-preschool.


10. When your BFF's new boyfriend gets flirty with you while she's not looking.


11. How you really feel deep inside reading some of the mommy blogs. But you won't unleash those feelings with negative public comments, because you are too classy for that ... Wait, that post said they let their kid bike-ride without a helmet? CUE RAGE FACE!

12. When you made 24 red velvet buttercream frosting cupcakes for your toddler's playground birthday party ... And two (or three, maybe, probably, uh, yes) mysteriously vanish before they’re even packed in the car.

13. When you’re watching CNN and somebody asks whether America is ready or not for a female president. Again. For the nine millionth time. UGHHHHH.

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14. That moment when your BFF lands her dream job. Yes, girl, yes! You text her all the thumbs-up/cha cha dancer emojis – and buy tickets to Beyonce’s Formation World Tour. Because it’s still Monday, but it’s definitely gonna be an awesome week.

Hap and Leonard premieres Wednesday, March 2, on the Sundance Channel at 10/9 Central. We -- obvi -- can't wait!


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