10 Super Bowl Commercials From 2016 You'll Want to Watch Again & Again (VIDEOS)

Super Bowl 50 has come and gone, but you know what most people are going to be talking about at the water cooler and on Facebook in the aftermath. Let's face it: As awesome as the game itself is, we're all totally into the Super Bowl commercials.


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From the bizarre to the hilarious to the deeply moving, here are some of the best commercials from the 2016 Super Bowl.

Most Nostalgic: Audi
A retired astronaut finally has a reason to be excited about something -- a new car that feels like taking off in a rocket. Add David Bowie's "Starman" as the soundtrack, and it's a recipe for a car commercial that has the potential to rip your guts out.

Most Likely to Make Bank for Uber: Budweiser
Dame Helen Mirren teams up with Bud to ream anyone even thinking about driving drunk. Call a cab, call an Uber, sleep it off on your buddy's couch -- just don't drink and drive.

Most WTF Moment: Mountain Dew
#PuppyMonkeyBaby started trending on Twitter when this Mountain Dew Kickstart ad aired. Part baby, part monkey, and part puppy ... no one is really sure what's going on here.

Most Political: Bud Light
Can we go ahead and vote for Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for president? They do have a point -- everyone does love Paul Rudd.

Most Self-Aware: Mini
You know the stereotypes for Minis -- that only certain types of people drive them. Well, this commercial poked fun at those preconceived notions and blew them out of the water with its "Defy Labels" message.

Most Overprotective Dad: Hyundai
Kevin Hart generously offers to let his daughter's date drive his Hyundai Genesis ... which comes equipped with a "car finder" feature. It's the 2016 equivalent of Cher's dad in Clueless, when he reminded his teen daughter's date, "I've got a .45 and a shovel. I doubt that anyone would miss you."

Most Delicious: Skittles
Can you taste the rainbow? Steven Tyler joins for the candy's second Super Bowl ad for a rendition of "Dream On" that's totally psychedelic.

Most Self-Deprecating: T-Mobile
Oh, Steve Harvey ... he's never going to live down that Miss Universe faux pas, is he? Well, at least this one wasn't his fault!

Most Adorable Use of Puppies: Heinz
Wiener dogs dressed up as hot dogs, running in slow motion. That toddler in a pint-sized ketchup packet is just icing on the advertising cake.

Most Oddball Pair: Avocados From Mexico
Because when you think delicious avocados and guacamole, you think Scott Baio and futuristic aliens, right? Right?


Image via Mountain Dew/YouTube

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