Bernie Sanders & Larry David on 'SNL' Were the Comedy Duo of Your Dreams (VIDEO)

bernie sanders, larry davidIt's become a rite of passage for presidential hopefuls to make cameos on Saturday Night Live, and since Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have already made appearances this season, that meant last night was Bernie Sanders's turn! Sanders took the stage alongside host and doppelganger Larry David (giving David the opportunity to show just how on-point his Sanders impersonation really is), and guess what? It was pretty, pretty, pretty good!


Sanders and David teamed up on a skit about being sunk on a Titanic-esque sinking ship with too few lifeboats for all the passengers (hmmm, that's probably not symbolic of anything). As David's character (who may or may not have had an extremely vague Irish brogue) rants about the injustice of the whole "women and children first" policy, fellow immigrant Sanders shows up and puts a political spin on the situation:

How'd you like that YUGE "bern" Sanders delivered? Not bad, not bad at all. David also straight up played Sanders in another sketch, which took the candidate's recent Iowa campaign and turned it into an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm:

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Fact: Running for office as a germophobe would be rough! Also fact: Larry David needs to host SNL more often -- or at least make cameos as Bernie whenever possible (alongside Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton, and Darrell Hammond as Trump, preferably).

Now THAT would be yuge!


Image via NBC

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