'Making a Murderer' Subject Steven Avery Is Innocent Says Son in First-Ever Interview (VIDEO)

In the ongoing saga of Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery, there's one person who thinks that Steven didn't murder Teresa Halbach, and that's his son Bill -- who doesn't even really know his dad.


During an interview -- his first ever -- with Crime Watch Daily (which airs in full on February 8), Bill specifically says, "No, I don't think he did," when asked if his dad killed the victim.

Of course, when asked how he sees his father today, Bill reveals that it feels like he just doesn't have a father, saying, "I just see him as a complete stranger."

Bill is one half of a set of twins that includes his brother Steven Avery, Jr., who also spoke to Crime Watch Daily about growing up without his father and what it was like to have the Avery last name. Steven Jr., though, isn't too sure who killed Teresa, but thinks his father and Brendan Dassey deserve a fair trial.

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You can't help but feel bad for these kids, who are now grown men, for what they have gone through being the sons of such a notorious figure, especially now that everyone with a Netflix subscription knows who Steven Avery is. 

Their mom, Lori Mathieson (who now goes by Lori Dassey), married Steven when she was just a 19-year-old single mother. They then went on to have four kids of their own before he was sent to prison. You may remember the letters that Avery sent her from prison that they showed during Making a Murderer, in which he threatened to kill not only Lori but also the children as well. 

It cannot have been easy for any of the kids involved in this horrible case, growing up in the shadow of what their father was accused of doing. Here's hoping the Avery kids continue to find peace in their adult lives.


Image via CrimeWatchDaily

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