Farrah Abraham's Facebook Q&A Was Nothing Short of a Total Disaster (VIDEO)

Well, what did she expect? Farrah Abraham recently got raked over some pretty ugly coals when she participated in a Facebook Q&A session for Teen Mom OG. The controversial reality star got barraged with some pretty vulgar and insulting questions from fans when she opened the floor.


Abraham, 24, got questions along the lines of, "Why are you such a rude and disrespectful c--t?" Rude much! Granted, she's not exactly the easiest person to get along with (I'm assuming, considering that hardly anyone seems to be able to get along with her), but what did she ever do to that person to deserve being called the C-word?

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Another user added, "how hard is it to have literally the entire world hate you for just being you ... a very annoying, spoiled, tape yourself sucking d--k, porn star looking, plastic surgery addict, bitch? Do you enjoy everyone hating you? Or do you just enjoy being a slut so much that you just dont care?"

Instead of replying to those comments directly, Farrah posted a video defending herself.

First Q&A live #mtv # teenmom Facebook.com/teenmom #TeamFarrah

Posted by Farrah Abraham on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

In the vid, she said, "I encourage you guys to watch the season finale, the reunion with Dr. Drew. It answers all of that. I know you guys just see an edited version. You don't really get to see the whole conversation, and I'm not in charge of the rest."

We do know that she's the one in charge of making the MTV crew use port-a-potties in her driveway because she won't let them use her restrooms, but I'm sure that has nothing to do with how people perceive her at all. Insert eye roll here.

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Farrah also responded to another question on Facebook, asking why she was "so disrespectful." She responded, "Great question, since you can't see fully what other people are doing to me, I see why you think 'I'm rude, I'm disrespectful.' I can only say if I'm being treated properly I will give the same to others but I am one of the most respectable people you will ever meet and you would probably come around to say I'm not rude, I'm honest. Change your mindset and train yourself to see the positive than be corrupted by negative."

Well okay then. Got that, everyone? Farrah is a very respectful person. Except when she's calling Teen Mom that "trashy-ass show" and threatening to quit, or almost running over her producer while he was trying to talk to her, or ... well, the list could go on for awhile.


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