Matt Baier's Former Love Interest Warns Amber Portwood to 'Get Out Now'

Whoa, drama just got intense! After this week's explosive episode of Teen Mom OG, we learned that Amber Portwood's fiancé may have as many as seven children, with at least five having open child support cases. Now someone from Matt Baier's past is warning Amber to get out while she still can.


On the show this week, we saw Amber's ex Gary Shirley go all Internet detective and find information about Matt's open court cases. Since then Amber has acknowledged five of the children, saying that they decided not to mention three of his adult kids from his younger partying days, in order to protect their privacy. 

But the ordeal seems far from over. A former friend of Matt's, Judy Cornett, told Radar Online that she's worried for both Amber and her daughter Leah.

Cornett is the founder of Safety Zone Advocacy, which is a nonprofit committed to protecting kids from sexual predators. She claims that Baier sought her out after she appeared on TV in 2008. She recalled, "He flew to my house in Tampa, and stayed with me for two weeks."

He allegedly attended a protest in Alabama with her, as well as a casino in Louisiana. She insists that their relationship remained in the friend-zone, although he was "very flirtatious and put the charm on." She said, "But I wasn't receptive to it."

She also believes that Matt stole $1,500 in cash that she was given for doing a TV spot. When confronted, she said Matt "went to the front porch and made a series of phone calls, and managed to have enough people wire me the money."

That's when she kicked him out, sending him away in a cab. "I never saw him again," she claimed. Now she's speaking up about his shady dealings because she wants to protect Amber. She says it's not a "personal vendetta" against him, but she is fearful that he hasn't changed his ways since she knew him.

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"I personally feel that he is still continuing his behavior of conning, manipulating, and lying his way through life. He has been searching for that pot of gold and I believe he probably thinks he has found it with you," said Cornett.

"Please look at the big picture and make the best decision for you and your child," she implored. "Which would be to get out of it now, before there's no turning back."

Of course an insider close to Baier said this absolutely isn't true, but it's hard to know what's what when these things keep popping up. Amber herself has acknowledged that Matt has a shady past, but she's determined to stand by her man now, as they've both come a long way in their lives.

Here's to hoping that there aren't any more skeletons hiding in Matt's closet!


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