Reality Steve Might Be Wrong About 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins's Final Pick (SPOILERS)

If you're an obsessive Bachelor fan like we are, chances are you're also keeping up with spoilers. And if you have already read ahead to find out who Ben Higgins proposes to at the end of the season, we might be thrown for a loop. It sounds like Reality Steve's spoilers about Ben's final pick might be wrong, and he's engaged to somebody else! SPOILERS AHEAD!


According to Reality Steve -- Bachelor guru and ultimate spoiler king -- Ben is now happily engaged to Lauren Bushnell after handing her the coveted final rose at the end of the season. But although Steve is rarely wrong, this might be one of those times where he was given bad info. Because as Starpulse points out, Ben seems extra connected with JoJo.

Okay, so we were a little thrown too when Ben started promising JoJo he wouldn't "blindside" her. Doesn't that seem like a foolish promise to make unless you know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the person you're proposing to, Ben? 

But Ben clearly has serious chemistry with Lauren, too, and even when they aren't on dates together, he always makes sure to spend one-on-one time with her, even if it's just for a few minutes at the cocktail party.

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It's too soon to tell whether Ben actually does end up with Lauren or not, but Reality Steve isn't known to give out bad info. However, last year he did say that Kaitlyn Bristowe would decide not to get engaged, and here she is, in love with Shawn Booth and planning a wedding. There's chance he's wrong, of course, but we'll stick with his word 'til we see otherwise.

Plus, isn't that the beauty of this show? Literally anything can -- and does -- happen. 

And either way, Ben would be lucky to end up with either lady. He's got a tough decision ahead of him!


Image via Eniac Martinez/ABC

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