17 TV Dads Who Are So Funny, They're Sexy (PHOTOS)

Laura Anastasia | Feb 11, 2016 TV
17 TV Dads Who Are So Funny, They're Sexy (PHOTOS)

What's hotter than a man who can make us laugh? It may not be everything, but having a killer sense of humor is a great start. Modern Family's Phil Dunphy (played by Ty Burrell) isn't exactly a model, but every time he shows up on screen, we laugh so hard we kinda sorta want to kiss him. The sweet and funny TV dad won our hearts with his geeky humor, but he isn't the only onscreen dad who tickles our fancy by tickling our funny bone.

From Ricky Ricardo to Richard Castle, we're crushing big-time on TV fathers so funny, they're sexy. Which is your favorite?



 Image via Jill Greenberg/USA Network

  • Richard Castle from 'Castle'


    Image via ABC/Richard Cartwright

    Sure, he can be downright bumbling at times, but Castle manages to steal our heart with his quick quips and irresistible charm. 

  • Ricky Ricardo from 'I Love Lucy'


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    Lucy's better half is a talented performer, laugh-getter, and doting dad -- plus he has the patience of a saint.

  • Jim Halpert from 'The Office'


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    Jim is hilarious, effortlessly cool, and downright fun. Lucky Pam!

  • George Lopez from 'George Lopez'


    Image via Lucy Nicholson/Reuters/Corbis

    George is laugh-out-loud funny, not to mention a devoted husband. We'll take him in a second -- as long as his mother doesn't move in too.

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  • Ross Geller from 'Friends'


    Image via Splash

    Ross is dorky alright, but what girl hasn't fantasized about being on the other end of his sweet romantic gestures?

  • Danny Castellano from' The Mindy Project'


    Image via LAN/Corbis

    Danny makes us want to trade places with Mindy for a night or two. (But only if Ma isn't invited!)

  • Michael Bluth from 'Arrested Development'


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    Michael makes us laugh -- and he has the added bonus of being just about the only sane person in his family.  His heartfelt desire to be a good dad makes him all the more sexier. 

  • Louie from 'Louie'


    Image via Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters/Corbis

    The newly divorced dad of two wins us over with his honest, raw humor and his love for his kids. 

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  • Bernie Mac from 'The Bernie Mac Show'


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    When Bernie goes from uncle to stand-in dad, he is hilarious, envelope-pushing, and irresistible. 

  • Phil Dunphy from 'Modern Family'


     Image via Jill Greenberg/USA Network

    Phil is unintentionally laugh-out-loud funny, but his adorable grin and mostly good intentions get us every time. 

  • Ray Barone from 'Everybody Loves Raymond'


    Image via Bill Reitzel/Corbis

    Ray is funny, successful, and handsome. Now if only his parents and brother didn't live right across the street...

  • Louis Huang from 'Fresh Off the Boat'


    Image via ABC/Eric McCandless

    Louis is easy-going, fun, and altogether hilarious. Plus, he's (almost) always trying to keep his wife happy. Perfect.

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  • Danny Tanner from 'Full House'


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    Danny has more than his fair share of hilarious missteps, but somehow they only seem to make him more attractive.

  • Dre Johnson from 'Black-ish'


    Image via ABC/Kelsey McNeal

    Dre's more than just a handsome face -- he's also super funny, a great dad, and he cares about what really matters. 

  • Michael Kyle from 'My Wife & Kids'


    Image via Amazon.com

    Michael is drop-dead funny -- not to mention super sexy. 

  • Hal from 'Malcolm in the Middle'


    Image via Bill Reitzel/Corbis

    OK, Hal is goofy -- and definitely hairy -- but there's just something about his sweet smile and sense of adventure. Sign us up!

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  • Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor from 'Home Improvement'


    Image via Amazon.com

    Aside from the annoying barking, Tim is hilarious -- and he can fix just about anything (well, sometimes). Sold. 

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