Coors Light Just Won the Super Bowl With Ad That Shows Women Are as Badass as the Boys (VIDEO)

Beer companies have been using hot chicks in skimpy clothes for what seems like forever to sell their suds. This year, Coors Light's Super Bowl ad features some beautiful women, all right, but they're more than just pretty faces.


The 60-second spot features both men and women, kicking ass and taking names. The message is that we all have our mountains to climb, whether it's finishing a tough mudder, rock climbing, cycling, bull riding, or, in Coors's case, brewing Rocky Mountain beer.

Seriously, don't you feel like scaling a mountain or going whitewater rafting or something right now? I know I do. And I appreciate that there are some go-getting, badass females in there right with the men, like it's NBD.

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MillerCoors CMO David Kroll recently commented on the shifting marketing strategy, telling the New York Times that it was "disappointing that we weren't speaking to women." Dang straight! Women can do a heck of a lot more than look pretty in a bikini.

We even like beer too. 


Image via CoorsLight/YouTube

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