Ben Higgins Is Simply Irresistible in Throwback Pic From Grade School (PHOTO)

If you think Ben Higgins is cute on The Bachelor, just wait 'til you see this throwback photo! Of course, he's shared photos from his childhood in the past, but this pic wins. This week, Ben's fourth grade school photo surfaced on the Internet, and it's priceless. 


But it wasn't Ben who shared it! One of his former classmates shared a page from their elementary school yearbook, and there is Ben in all his glory -- glasses, braces, and all. 

We could tell you about it, but ... this is the kind of thing you need to see for yourself.

How adorable is he?!

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Of course, seeing Ben now, it's hard to imagine he was once the kid in this photo, but we love the fact that he used to be this adorable fourth grader who somehow grew up and morphed into one of the hottest Bachelor stars ever!

Hopefully, more throwback photos are on the way as Ben's season continues. Surely he must have more former classmates who want to give up the goods in their yearbooks, right? Come on, guys! We're counting on you!


Image via Eniac Martinez/ABC 

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