Ali Fedotowsky Gives a Bittersweet Update on Her Pregnancy

Former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky is loving being pregnant with her first child, but it hasn't all been roses and pizza. Fedotowsky lost seven pounds during her first trimester because she suffered from such major nausea that even thinking about her favorite foods made her cry.


The 31-year-old TV star, who keeps a personal blog where she shares her style and thoughts on life and (what else?) the Bachelor shows, admitted in a post entitled "Our Baby Story: The First Trimester" that she had a rather tough couple of months at the start of her pregnancy journey:

It was rough because I was sick all of the time. I lost about 7lbs in my first trimester because I couldn't really eat anything. I only ate clementines and dry toast for about a month between weeks 7-12.

Even though Ali says she craved pizza, which she usually loves, the thought of it made her sick to her stomach and even drove her to tears. When fiancé Kevin failed to understand her dilemma, she attempted to explain it by comparing her first trimester to a constant hangover without the fun party the night before.

Can you think of a better analogy? 

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There may be a few women out there rolling their eyes right about now at the so-called "issue" Ali had losing weight instead of gaining it during her first trimester. As a mom with two kids who had the experience of both overeating while pregnant with my first child (my doctor actually told me to cool it because I had gained 10 pounds by week 7) and wanting to vomit every time I looked at food with my second baby, I can assure you: I'd take a weight gain any day. Extreme first-trimester nausea is debilitating and feels like it lasts a lifetime.

Plus, eating is highly enjoyable.

Luckily, Ali is out of her first trimester and feeling the relative calm that accompanies the second trimester:

She looks amazing, healthy, and happy. Let's hope she gets to indulge in all of the pizza cravings she and baby want now that they're out of the woods.


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