Steven Avery's Brother Earl Shares New Detail About the Night Teresa Halbach Was Murdered (VIDEO)

In his first TV interview, Steven Avery's brother Earl has come forward with new evidence to support his older bro. Earl claims that there's no way the Making a Murderer subject killed Theresa because "if someone slices someone's throat there's going to be blood -- something."


Keep in mind that Steven once accused Earl of murdering Halbach. 

Earl also makes a good point saying:

And they say they cleaned up in the garage, but there's all dust and everything all over everything. How do you clean up and then put the dust back? 

But I think the biggest bombshell is when Earl says:

We drove right through where the car [Teresa Halbach's] was supposed to be. It wasn't there.

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It's also remarkable to see how different dad Allan Avery looks since the Netflix series aired. I'm sure the stress of the situation has contributed to his weight loss. But observations aside, a very troubling aspect of the case is that according to The Daily Beast, in 1995 Steven Avery alleged in a court filing that Earl Avery was charged with sexually assaulting his two daughters. Also, according to a Calumet County Sheriff’s Department report cited in Avery’s filing, Earl "hid from police when they came to take a DNA sample on Nov. 9, 2005."

So, despite these new claims, I'm just not sure Earl is the most credible witness for anything involved in the Teresa Halbach murder. 


Image via Access Hollywood

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