Farrah Abraham Responds to Nasty Diss by 'Bachelor' Star

It may seem like up is down and down is up when you hear how Farrah Abraham responded to a Bachelor contestant's nasty diss about her and the entire Teen Mom franchise. Let's just say: This is one of the rare times in life when you may find yourself rooting for Farrah.


The 24-year-old mom, who is no stranger to public feuds (see both Nicki Minaj and Kourtney Kardashian as exhibits A and B), didn't remain silent after Olivia Caridi, aka the numero uno villain on season 20 of The Bachelor, invoked the name of the show that made Farrah famous to cruelly insult another contestant. 

Olivia, a beautiful blonde with a bad attitude, tried to put Amanda Stanton down by comparing her heartbreaking custody issues to "an episode of Teen Mom." Amanda is, in fact, a young mom (though she was in her 20s when she first gave birth), but it's pretty obvious she doesn't want her name attached to the MTV show because she quickly fired back at Olivia and said she has her "s--t together," which leads us to believe neither she nor Olivia thinks Farrah and her costars have their lives in order.

Not so, says Farrah. In an interview with US Weekly, the controversial reality star said:

Now you can see why it's offensive to others to judge someone's parenting drama no matter what age. The women on The Bachelor got a dose of the Teen Mom bad stigma. I am older than most of these women on Bachelor, with my life together and organized. Maybe as women we can all agree -- no matter how old, how many difficulties life throws at us, as parents or not -- to support one another and hope for the best.

Preach on, sister.

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Farrah is 100 percent on point this time. Olivia is lowering herself to the ground and exposing her lack of confidence by proving she only thinks she can win the affections of Ben Higgins by putting down the other women. And attacking a mom's situation, especially one that involves a custody dispute, is a below-the-belt assault.

As for Amanda, she shouldn't have wasted her breath responding to Olivia's blatant attempt to knock her down. And she's only perpetuating the woman-on-woman war by desperately insisting she is different from the ladies on Teen Mom. The whole situation is just sad and makes everyone involved seem catty.

By resisting the impulse to attack Olivia and Amanda and instead giving us a thoughtful, insightful response, Farrah seems like the most clued-in woman of the bunch this time around. It also makes me think her life experience has provided her with a great deal of wisdom that she should harness and use for the benefit of other women (if she can only contain her urge to diss everyone in the process).


Image via Barry Brown/Splash News

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