Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Her Heartbreaking Past With Her Father

This may explain a lot. Jenelle Evans recently opened up about her "daddy issues" on a post for her new website, and it's all sorts of tragic. But it could explain why the Teen Mom 2 star is such a serial dater, and why she tried to hold on to relationships far past the point of no return.


Jenelle posted a blog entry titled "Daddy Issues" to her new website on Monday, opening up about her absent dad for the first time. She said that she wanted to address the questions from her fans about her dad, and explain why he hasn't been in her life since she was 5 or 6.

"My mother and father never got along, and I don't remember, but there was always arguing and physical altercations in my household growing up," the 24-year-old revealed. 

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Even so, she shared that she was close to her father when she was a little girl. "He always knew how to put a smile on my face while singing old songs to me in the car, like Red Hot Chili Peppers and rock music while driving around town in the car running errands," she wrote. "I would love to hear his voice because he actually was a great singer and used to be in a band with Chevy Chase and had blonde hair down to his butt!"

As for why Barbara Evans and Jenelle's dad split (as if the physical altercations weren't enough?), the MTV star wrote, "Later on I found out there was a huge reason behind that ... I'll save that for my book."

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She also wrote about her angst over not having a relationship with him growing up. "To this day I have no idea whether it was the best choice for me to cut ties with him, like my mother tried to make me do, or if my father just didn't want anything to do with us anymore," she lamented. "This thought is always on my mind, but until I get to speak to him, it will never be answered. Maybe one day we will reconnect once again. Love you daddy."

Ugh, doesn't her history with men make so much more sense now? Poor girl is always trying to recapture the magic of a little girl's love for her daddy, and trying to make him stay even when it's clear the relationship is over. I just hope that her current boyfriend, David Eason, is a good one, and won't turn on her like so many beaus of the past.


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