Olivia Caridi Finally Gets What's Coming to Her on 'The Bachelor'

One of the reasons we love The Bachelor so much? The travel! And this week, Ben Higgins and his ladies headed to Mexico City, where Ben took his women on a selection of group dates and one-on-one dates that made us seriously jealous.


The one-one-one dates were pretty uneventful. JoJo, Amanda, and Lauren H. were all the lucky recipients. But one of the biggest parts of the night didn't happen 'til Ben took some of the women on a group date to take a Spanish class with him, and he felt the cold shoulder from Jubilee.

That resulted in a serious chat between the two of them later on, and Ben admitted that he isn't feeling it anymore with her. Unfortunately, that meant that Jubilee was sent packing ... and she was totally heartbroken. Poor Jubilee! We really liked her! 

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But that was not the real drama of the evening. That came with Olivia, and it kept building and building, only getting worse when it came to the cocktail party. Apparently, her jealousy over Amanda's one-on-one date was too much for her to handle, because she made a Teen Mom reference when talking about the fact that Amanda has kids -- not cool!

Not long after that, Emily made a point to fill Ben in on everything Olivia has been doing and saying behind his back, and it was enough to make him seriously question whether or not Olivia should still be there. Yikes!

The episode ended with Ben calling Olivia over to talk to her in private. Maybe Olivia's secret language with Ben should have told her that something was up? She seemed a little too confident walking away with him, though. Homegirl, you might be about to lose your rose! 

Sounds like we'll have to wait 'til next week to find out what happens, though. Hold on tight, everyone -- if you thought Olivia's jaw dropped before, you ain't seen nothing yet!


Image via Eniac Martinez/ABC

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