Kaley Cuoco's Obsession With Ben Higgins Is Getting Out of Control

When ABC announced that Ben Higgins would be our next Bachelor, we couldn't imagine being any more obsessed with him ... and then, we got to see him in action and fell even more in love. And now, the same thing is happening to a certain celeb. Kaley Cuoco admitted to her own obsession with Bachelor Ben, and we totally get where she's coming from. 


On the red carpet at Saturday's SAG awards, Kaley Cuoco told E!'s Brad Goreski all about her love affair with Ben. And after hearing what she had to say about him, we can't say we disagree!

At first, she suggested that he be nominated for "the hottest Bachelor of all time," and then, she mentioned that she loves how charming he is. Um, duh?! 

You can watch her freak-out below:  

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Really, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, being that Kaley has always been open about how much she loves our favorite reality dating show. Have you seen her yoga pants, covered in photos of Ben's face and roses? That's a new level of Bachelor love we can't even compete with! 

��� the pants ���

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But if Kaley's down for it, we'd totally love to see her make an appearance on Women Tell All at the end of the season. She'd get to meet Ben, and we'd get to see her get super excited about it on camera. What do you say, ABC? Her call into Bachelor Live was not enough! 


Image via Eniac Martinez/ABC

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